Curated Resources for All Your UX Needs

Photo by Bench Accounting via  Unsplash

Photo by Bench Accounting via Unsplash

I haven't had any formal education in UX design (simply because they're rare/non-existent at an undergrad level), so everything I know, I've taught myself, improvising my own curriculum of books, podcasts, and many, many articles.

Today, you'll find out who I follow and where I get all my knowledge, insight, and inspiration. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned professional, I'm sure you'll find something of value from this list. I'll update this post as it grows, so check back often. Have an amazing design resource? Please share it in the comments! :)


  • Neilson Norman Group  — The authority in UX and UX research

  • UX Planet — This Medium page is “a one-stop resource for everything related to user experience.”

  • Design by O’Reilly Media — A vast collection of topics that span design, including wearables, Internet of Things (IoT), and lean UX.

  • Product Hunt — This site fuels my an unhealthy obsession with downloading apps.

  • Tuts+ — Comprehensive design tutorials

  • UX Beginner — Everything that a beginner in the industry needs to know




Check these out on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast player:

  • O’Reilly Media Design Podcast — Mary Tressler always has the best guests and conversations, from Katie Dill of Airbnb to Vanessa Cho of GoPro.

  • UX Intern — The young host, Wesley, is a little awkward, but his guests offer great insight into the industry and advice for beginners.

  • User Defenders — Jason Ogle’s metaphor of designers and superheroes is unique and makes for a fresh and entertaining listen.

  • 99% Invisible — A long-running podcast about the entire field design, not just UX. This made me realize that design really is everywhere.

Online Courses

  • UX Design School — Springboard offers a course that guarantees you a design job within 6 months — or your money back.

  • User Experience Design — Springboard’s free version of the paid course, much lighter and simply links to other sources on the web.

  • Coursera, edX, Udemy — Find free or paid online courses on UX design and much more.

  • Codecademy — Coding made simple, fun, and free, although some lessons can be unclear.

  • W3Schools — Literally any question you can have about HTML, CSS, or JavaScript will be answered here.

  • Virtual Crash Course in Design Thinking — A fun and cheap design exercise to do in groups. Great for teams and events!



  • Psdddd — Freebies for your next project, curated by the Dribbble community

  • Premium Pixels — Despite its name, all their awesome design downloads are free.

  • Unsplash — Stunning stock photos that look nothing like stock photos. I actually have an entire reservoir of attribution-free photo sites, but listing those would be a blog post on its own. Unsplash is my favorite, and it's where I found the header photo for this post.