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Flat 2.0: Why Fully Flat Design is Outdated

For a large part of human history, it was generally accepted that the Earth was flat.

Not much changed about this notion until the third century BC, when Pythagoras and Aristotle postulated that the Earth is spherical, and in the 1500s, explorers like Magellan sailed the seas to test it. Today, the idea that the Earth is flat is archaic because we all know it’s round (well, most of us).

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Passwords Are Broken—Here's How to Fix Them

We've had a rocky relationship with passwords.

They demand to be exactly eight characters long, contain at least one symbol, and throw a fit if there are two consecutive letters, any months of the year, or the word Texas. Naturally, when we type something like this, we often make mistakes. Without knowing where the mistake was made, our passwords are cleared and we're forced to enter the string of gibberish again.

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