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Learning UX with the Interaction Design Foundation — A Review

What if you could get structured education in UX design without leaving your home for less than what you pay for Netflix? If you haven’t heard of it before, the Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) is a Denmark-based non-profit whose goal is to make design education accessible and affordable to everyone.

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Flat 2.0: Why Fully Flat Design is Outdated

For a large part of human history, it was generally accepted that the Earth was flat.

Not much changed about this notion until the third century BC, when Pythagoras and Aristotle postulated that the Earth is spherical, and in the 1500s, explorers like Magellan sailed the seas to test it. Today, the idea that the Earth is flat is archaic because we all know it’s round (well, most of us).

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iOS 10: Stickers, Awkward Gestures, and More

Available for download this past Tuesday, iOS 10 promises to be “the biggest release of iOS ever.” Even though this sounds exaggerated (iOS 7 introduced more drastic, exciting changes), the changes made in the newest OS are still pretty neat. But like any kind of change, it won’t be welcomed everywhere, at least not immediately. There is always room for improvement, and iOS 10 is no exception.

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