Diagrammatic Panel

My Role

Graphic Design • Infographic • Communication Design • Print Design • Vector Art


DSGD 100: Visual Communication and Process

Project Brief

"Based on the research and reference material you have collected, and on the studies and compositions you have completed throughout the semester, create a 15”x20” vertical or horizontal composition in which you diagram how the object normally functions. To achieve this, juxtapose your object with other graphic forms in order to communicate a greater context and understanding of the object’s functionality, as well as potentially its typical environment, and/or aspects of its social or natural context. Visual representations can be expanded beyond the assigned objects to include any appropriate elements that support the functionality and conceptual context that you are presenting."

From Seed to Salsa

The object I focused on this semester was the tomatillo, a tart, usually green cousin of the tomato. In this panel, I visually outlined the six main stages of growing, harvesting, and consuming a tomatillo. I begin with the seed of the fruit and end with a basic salsa recipe, hence the title, "From Seed to Salsa."

Because tomatillos are not self-pollinating, they rely on insects or animals to continue their species when growing in the wild. Since the panel instructs how to grow the fruit in a garden, the final step tells the reader to pollinate the seeds in order to continue growing them. If the reader does this, they could essentially grow tomatillos forever, hence the infinity symbol on which the elements are laid.