My Role

I worked with a bike-sharing startup from the UK called EcoBike to design their desktop and mobile website. With requirements gathered from the CEO (Dane) and CMO (Rachel), I constructed their site using their existing platform of choice, Wix. I was also responsible for creating the illustrations and writing some of the copy/content on the site.


What are the goals for the site? What would visitors be looking for and what would we like them to do? First we needed to separate the visitors into two distinct audiences, potential clients and investors, each with similar but unique goals.

Potential clients

  • Attract them to the product

  • Educate them on how it works

  • Convince them to sign up for our newsletter


  • Attract them to the product

  • Educate them on how it works

  • Convince them to invest


For potential clients or users, there's a banner modal fixed to the bottom of the screen, clearing stating the CTA. By using positive language and hints at exclusivity, we hope to encourage visitors to enter their email to receive updates from us.

ABout & Features

After that, we give visitors a crash course on what we're all about. We also give users an opportunity to participate in the development of new bikes and offer them a secondary CTA.


Investors & Team

At this point, we should have piqued the interest of any potential investors, so to be sure we don't squander their attention, we make a quick pitch and provide a form and invite them to get in touch. We also introduce our team, so they know who they're investing in.


Finally, one last call for leads and a reminder of what customers will get out of it. Arrow icon quickly jumps to the top of the page.

Mobile Optimized