Historic Event Typographic Story


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DSGD 99: Introduction to Typography

Project Brief

"Using typography from the type 99 reader only — create a composition that in graphic terms (Elements, Principles, and Attributes of Design) intensifies a historical event (including date) of your choice."


The Day the Internet Went Live

As a designer and a child of the digital age, I was naturally inclined to commemorate the day that Sir Tim Berners-Lee released the Internet to the public. The one on the left is the web as most people experience and use it. The cluster of sentence fragments are the billions of voices around the world, while their varying sizes liken to their varying volumes. The web is enormous, and it is crowded with people wanting to be heard.

The one on the right is the web under the hood. It is the web of developers and engineers. The HTML in gray settles into the background, much like the way we don't notice the HTML of a web page working when we visit it; it simply works. Red text marks the details of the historic day: The World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, August 9, 1991.