How Charming! Brand Identity



This project won third place in the Branding Category at the 2015 Multimedia and Graphic Arts Festival at Ohlone College.

Judges included:

  • Curtis Priem, Nvidia co-founder
  • Lauren Devine, Interface designer
  • Luther Thie, Art director for Sony entertainment and designer
  • John Lin, Animator and Promaxbda North American Design Award recipient
  • Mauricio Miranda, Oakland-based graphic designer


Brand Identity • Logo Design • Style Guide


My little sister, the budding entrepreneur, makes and sells polymer clay charms to her friends and family. not long after, how charming! was born. ultimately, I created this branding package to encourage her craft and help her realize her dream, meanwhile giving myself practice in interfaces, logo design, and brand identity.



Based on one of Sophia's creations, the icon is a delightful, strawberry-pink cupcake charm, complete with a glistening glaze coat and stainless steel eyepin.


I simplified the icon by removing the superfluous strokes. I also rounded the tip of the icing, making it appear more warm and inviting than a point that could poke your eye out.


Finally, a fuller cupcake body, further rounding of the sharp edges in the baking cup, and minor adjustments to the eyepin and surface reflection.




The brand is distilled into an acronym, which sits inside the cupcake sillouette and identifying stripes.


With further reduction, the brand's acronym sits inside an elegant skeleton of the cupcake icon.


Style Guide